Billing & Coverage

Psychological/ neuropsychological assessment and consultation services are paid, funded, or partially funded through the referral source, which usually includes third parties such as plaintiff or defence legal counsel, insurance providers, clinical/assessment organizations and/or employers. In some cases, individuals may pay ‘out-of-pocket’. Psychological/ neuropsychological services are not covered under OHIP.

Services billed, depending on specific referral needs or requests, may include:

  • Clinical interview,
  • Test administration, processing, scoring, and interpretation
  • Psychometrist services
  • Report preparation
  • Correspondence
  • Completion of forms
  • Telephone calls/consultations with clinicians, lawyers, or other third parties
  • Photocopying or other document retrieval and production costs

In some instances, payment is required at the time of service and may be made by debit, credit card or cheque.

Some individuals may be eligible for reimbursement from their respective extended health care plan. To receive reimbursement from some extended health plans, you may require a referral from your physician. We will issue you an invoice/receipt, which will be required for submission to your extended health insurer. Psychological services may be tax deductible, so keep your receipts.

We no longer provide motor vehicle accident insurance benefits through HCAI or Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) submissions.

Please direct any billing questions to our Nurse Consultant.