Assessment Services

Assessment and Consultation Services

We specialize in psychological and neuropsychological and related assessment/consultation services for third parties including lawyers, insurance companies, employers, assessment services, or other organizations. These include:

  • Plaintiff and defense legal assessments in personal injury, including:
    • Motor vehicle accidents
    • Slip and fall
    • Medical/ dental/ and mental health malpractice
    • Airplane and boat transportation accidents
    • Workplace injury
    • Workplace harassment/assault
    • Historical sexual assault
    • Animal attacks
    • Electrical injury
    • Product failure
    • Toxic exposure
  • Specialized disability and impairment assessments:
    • Catastrophic impairment assessments
    • Insurer examinations/ evaluations
    • Second opinion/ rebuttal opinion assessments
    • Fitness to work
    • Workplace accommodations
    • Disability benefit assessment (VA, CPP,)
  • Immigration assessments
  • Other specialized consultations and assessments including:
    • File review opinion and consultation
    • Future care consultations
    • Surveillance data analysis
    • Expert witness testimony

Referral for assessment is typically arranged by third parties such as lawyers, insurance companies, employers, or other organizations.

Due to high demand, there is typically a delay before an assessment can be started.

If you have questions about our assessments, please talk to our Nurse Consultant.