Information for Clients


Assessments may involve collection of information regarding your personal background and history, your current symptom status, education, family history, work history, and medical and mental health history. Assessment typically involves a clinical interview. You may be administered test of the assessment will abilities and/or asked to complete specialized questionnaires.

Please note that some types of neuropsychological, academic, or intellectual testing/assessment may take many hours. Additional testing, that is required be arranged separately and maybe broken up over a couple of the assessment sessions if required. When coming in for testing or assessment, ensure you bring reading glasses, if required, and any medications you may take during the day.

Assessment may also involve interview of a family member or other person who knows you. Assessment also typically involves review of any background clinical notes, records, or other reports available.

Once all of the information gathering is complete, a report is generated. A feedback session may or may not be part of the assessment protocol.

Please see the listing under Assessment Services for additional information.


Services at Reesor & Associates are provided either by registered psychologists or registered nurses under the supervision of a registered psychologist.

Information obtained or provided is confidential and is only released with your informed written consent. This consent allows our office to release reports/information to, or consult with, the individuals you have indicated can receive information. You can withdraw your consent, in writing, at any time. Exceptions to this would be:

  • If the assessor suspects that you may do harm to yourself or others.
  • If child abuse is suspected; and/or
  • If you advise the assessor of sexual abuse by another registered health care provider.

Any copies of reports can be obtained from the third parties requesting the assessment.

Appointment Cancellations and No Shows

A charge may be applied if appointments are missed or cancelled without notifying the office 24 hours in advance. Insurance companies do not cover this charge.


Please direct any questions you may have to our  Nurse Consultant who will be happy to assist you.